Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan 2014-15 Dhanusu Rasi Horoscope Predictions

Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan 2014-15 Dhanusu Rasi Horoscope Predictions:

Dhanush Rasi

The People those who belong to Sagittarius Horoscope zodiac sign will be Dhanusu Rasi and who had born from the 22nd November to 21st December of English Calendar.

In the Tamil new year 2014-15 the Dhanusu rasi with major planets Saturn , Rahu Especially auspicious dividend amount throughout the year and is taking place in the session.

As per the prediction for the Tamil Puthandu 2014-15 creation of auspicious events in the family will be happened.

There might be Brother and sister ‘s love and affection issues and the Dhanusu rasi people can try for New home , wanted to buy a passing vehicle.

Employers : The professional development activities at the expense of the liberal and react . Dramatic gains in productivity growth issues. Greater confidence and happiness in mind, you will find an unexpected deal . In addition to improving the quality of products to buy tech machines . Staff are available to satisfactory cooperation of the planned target . Some of the employers’ associations to get kavuravamana work .

Vendors : In addition to getting the customer to increase sales dramatically . Get more profitability . Simple try collecting the money . Try the new branch begins to be fulfilled . Introduction of new companies to purchase inventory , help is available .

Staff : Stay with a better target and complete the mission . Promotion , expected benefits available . Home , vakanakkatan has the advantage to get the officer ‘s recommended . Responsiveness to the needs of the family as well as regular use of available employment . All the help in the ongoing work with co -workers love .

Women : Working women work working effectively mutippar soon . The expected increase in power management , including a pay rise for incentives . Loving husband of the woman , generous cash available to make life pleasurable . Pregnant women need extra care in the maintenance of health . Self-employed women in order to get high . Increase productivity . Profit will be plentiful . Technology has the advantage of buying a new machine . For young girls to marry fulfilled .

Students: The students read the entire focus is to explore the environment . Mark increase orumanappatta mind reading . Get money for education is satisfactory . They help parents with love . Teacher ‘s guidance is very encouraging .

Politicians : The thought and deed iteri araciyalpaniyai to shine . Supporters hope you will too . Get the full extent of the cooperation projects . The situation varied forms , which will not be bothered by the protesters . The use of children ‘s disruptive to araciyalpani . Income available.

Farmers: The Farmers need to grow crops , cash , materials will be available at a satisfactory level . Increase . For products available in the market at an additional cost . The average number of livestock farming . Land disputes could drag on . Relax and act .


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